The evolution of cosmetic dermatology is very exciting with so much to offer our patients. Now with more emerging non-invasive interventions and more results women and men are putting off major invasive procedures, such as plastic surgery. With a layering effect of a combination of Botox, fillers, tightening lasers and resurfacing all of this can be done in a simple office setting with little to no downtime. Men and Women are really looking their best are able to turn back the clock and maintain their results

The Layering effect to Rejuvenation

When one is looking to rejuvenate their skin and face it comes down to four essential components, which layer upon each other to establish the complete look, a look that is natural and refreshing. It is not the wrinkles alone that we need to be aiming to correct. I like to look at it as a layering effect.

You start with the scaffolding or underlying structure, which is your volumizing. Replacing the loss of bone and fat to recreate your contours and facial structures is the first step. Once this has been accomplished, we would then address any fine etched lines around the eyes and around the lips with fillers, such as belotero or restylane, which work beautifully to erase these lines if they are present.

The next layer of rejuvenation is the use of neurotoxins or Botox, which we use to further soften the dynamic wrinkles. Botox is key for use on the forehead to prevent lines which become present with motion and for crowe’s feet, bunny lines, marionettes, and many other uses.

Tightening lasers play a role for the jowls, and for tightening of the cheeks or forehead to create a brow lift. And lastly, the top layer on the cake would be to Refinish or Resurface the face: for discoloration and wrinkles. With the use of chemical peels or resurfacing lasers such as the Fraxel this can be accomplished for a complete look of rejuvenation, when each layer is addressed to recreate a complete look. Rejuvenation is easy as a piece of cake.