Get a Lift… Skin Firming

For a refreshed look with firm skin on the face, neck and chest look no further than the Thermage and Ulthera. You have already targeted your fine lines and discoloration with fillers and lasers, volume loss can be replaced with fillers, now to address the issue of lax skin we must target the body’s collagen directly.

It is exciting to be in the practice of modern Cosmetic Dermatology. For the first time we are able to perform tightening procedures which are non-invasive to help treat laxity in skin. These new approaches to tightening are being sought after by both men and women for the ability to help lift sagging skin under the neck, the cheeks, forehead, and even the decolletage (chest). Treatments such as the Ulthera, or Exilis Elite, are being used with impressive results. These therapies actually stimulate neo-collagenesis in the skin with the use of focused ultrasound and electromagnetic energies, respectively. The skin treated will have instant tightening noted after the first month of treatment, and results continue to improve over the course of 3-6 months.

Many women who are interested in tightening, and wish to put off the need of a surgical procedure are seeking out these therapies. There are many of our patients who have maintenance treatments ever 1-3 years to stave off the signs of aging and collagen break down. The beauty of this type of treatment, is the end result is new collagen that your own body is making.