Dr. Papantoniou performs body contouring and fat reduction, as well as cellulite treatments such as Coolsculpting, Kybella, Thermismooth and Mesotherapy to help reduce fat in unwanted areas: the abdominal area and for “love handles” and thighs “saddle-bags,” submental area or “double chin”. This can safely be done with our available treatments. Coolsculpting utilizes a cooling technology to encourage fat cells to be selectively targeted and be removed by the body. The Coolmini, is the newest addition to Coolsculpting which targets excess fat in the submental/double chin area, which painlessly reduces fat and re-contours the profile. Coolsculpting can be safely performed on many parts of the body with excellent results and hardly any discomfort. 

kybella-hero-imageKybella is the newest addition to the fat reduction market. It is performed over a series of 2-3 sessions to targeted areas. The procedure itself is very comfortable and the recovery time is mild and primarily is limited to swelling, Small injections are made into the targeted areas for selective fat reduction. Virtually any part of the body can be treated with Kybella for fat reduction. For instance, love handles, or stubborn fat pockets after liposuction, and even “back fat” can be safely treated with Kybella.

Liposonix works by heating the fat a deep level, sparing the skin at the surface, targeting the fat and causing it to dissolve. The optimal results are seen 3 months after a treatment.

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Dr. Papantoniou also specializes in Cellfina, which is one of the most recent additions to body-contouring that is offered, and this works by releasing fibrous septal bands in the skin that cause dimpling and cellulite. The results of this treatment are long lasting and can be seen just a few weeks after the treatment. Results in patients that have been treated over 2 years ago are sustained, and improvement is noted in the skin over time. 

Dr. Papantoniou Performs CoolMini

Dr. Papantoniou Performs Coolsculpting