For a lip you can bite into. All the information you need to know about getting fuller lips!

It seems these days that everyone is talking about lips, I get many patients who request “Kim Kardashian’s lips”.  I find that there is really a balance, between improving the shape, contour and volume of the lips, and at the same time maintaining a natural look that does not look fake. Indeed with the use of fillers women can now have lips that they never had, and help to regain lips that they lost with aging and sun damage. When filling the lips if the cupids bow or philtrum is weak, recreating this feature can help attain a beautiful look. The lower lip is usually fuller naturally than the upper lip, so we try to maintain these proportions when correcting lips with fillers. The lips are a very sensitive and delicate area, they tend to swell after fillers for 1-2 days, but this does go down and can be sped up with cool compresses. For most patients I will apply topical numbing ointment prior to starting, or even applying an ice pack to the area can help for the discomfort of the injections. But overall, most people do just fine with lip fillers, and the fillers often have numbing medication already premixed so the areas become numb. There are instances when people may be tempted to overfill the lips, but at the hand of an experienced injector this can be avoided. Overall, I enjoy rejuvenating and volumizing lips with fillers and highly recommend it for anyone interested in improving their lips.


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