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Is it possible to over moisturize your face in humidity? (and how to know if you are)

An optimal skin care regimen should be flexible and climate should really be taken into account when choosing the right products to use and how much to put on. We frequently discuss how to take care of skin during periods of cold weather and low humidity, but we often dismiss the management of skincare in humid climates. High humidity can provide a moisture rich environment for your skin, but can be challenging for patients with oily skin types and for those with acne prone skin. The extra hydration on the skin and lack of evaporation can lead to a residue build up on the skin which can result in clogged pores. It can also cause makeup to run and look shiny or dewy.

I often recommend changing up creams that were being used in colder and drier climates and switching to lighter lotions or serums, which are non-comedogenic. A good example of a very nice light lotion with SPF 30 is Cerave AM Lotion. The amount that should be applied will be different for each person, you want to have enough so that the lotion easily rubs into the skin and disappears. Powder makeup or light lotion based makeup that is oil free will perform well in high humidity. A good finishing makeup setting spray can be used to help prevent makeup from running as well.